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Lindsey A. Thomson

Attorney at Law

Criminal Defense

Lindsey Thomson has practiced for numerous years as both a criminal defense attorney and a prosecutor. She has unique experience and insight into both sides of the criminal justice system. If you are charged with a crime, it is important that you select an attorney with qualified experience, who has handled similar cases and has practiced before the local jurisdiction assigned to your case. You should feel comfortable with your attorney and have trust in their ability to handle your case efficiently and effectively.  

"I believe the most common complaints about criminal defense lawyers are a lack of communication and trust. It is important that my clients have full access to my office, understand the legal process and the nature of their charges, and are fully aware of what to expect in plea negotiations and trial. Communication is key to a successful attorney-client relationship. In each criminal case, my goal is to build an aggressive defense, advocate for their constitutional rights, fully investigate the evidence, and work closely with my client, the prosecutor, and the court to obtain optimal results."

--Lindsey Thomson, on the attorney-client relationship in criminal defense cases. 

Our office handles criminal cases such as the following:

  • Drug offenses, such as possession, intent to distribute, paraphernalia, etc.
  • Domestic battery, battery, assault, harassment, etc.
  • Rape, sexual assault, abuse, indecency, and other sex crimes
  • Theft, fraud, forgery, etc.
  • Destruction of property, trespass, etc.
  • Criminal mischief, disorderly conduct, etc.
  • Felon in possession
  • Violations of a protective order
  • Traffic offenses
  • Hunting violations
  • City/County Ordinance violations
  • Probation/parole revocation
  • Expungement or Seal of criminal record
  • Other

Our office provides free one-on-one 20 minute confidential consultations, whether in the office, by phone, or by visit in jail (if you are incarcerated). Please contact us to discuss your case at (870) 898-4600 or send us a message or email! We look forward to hearing from you.